What is SEO/Search Engine Optimization?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

is the process of optimizing your website for keywords, content, social media and several technical elements to be more easily discovered by searchers of major search engines such as Google and Bing. SEO sounds complex and daunting to some and unknown to others but not worry as we are seasoned and experienced. SEO is a great marketing tactic for your website but with recent changes to search engine algorithms it’s important to know that keywords effect on overall SEO ranking from Google have been consistently downgraded in the past few years. Keywords are still important just not as important as they were. Now, Google has made room for new SEO ranking factors such as social media (likes, comments, shares, reviews, +’s, pins etc., high quality links (to give your website authority – these are basically referrals from other websites) and high quality natural content that isn’t stuffed with keywords, along with several other ranking factors we won’t discuss here.

Our Standard Search Engine Optimization Process

1. Initial Planning – First we analysis what SEO tactics have been used in the past and are being used currently if any. We work with you to determine whether or not any of these SEO tactics have worked or are currently working for you. We then gather information about the current marketing tactics of your business

2. Keyword Research – Based upon the information gathered in step 1 we perform keyword research and determine the best keywords to use on your website. We then take a look at what some of your local competitors are doing for SEO and what keywords they are focusing on. We can then develop a plan to revise your content to focus on our selected keywords.

3. On-Site Optimization – Is when we get to work! We re-work your current content and work with you to add some high quality content with good readability. We also ensure there is a good amount of media (pictures, videos, logo, graphics, etc.) on your website because no body likes a 90’s style text only website. There are also many technical aspects performed during an On-Site Optimization some examples are: site structure, proper sitemap submission to search engines, website performance, website security, etc.

4. Off-Site Optimization – What’s happening during an off-site optimization: We are seeing if you have any current or you can easily gain relationships, partnerships or affiliations with other local businesses and organizations so that your website can have quality back links which we test with Google’s Optimization tools. These back links are basically the “referrals” of the internet. Rather than finding your website via a search the searchers find it via another website. These high quality back links also help to create authority, credibility and legitimacy with Google and Bing.

5. On-Going SEO – A one-time SEO setup when a website is just being built or to refresh your website is great for a large but very short lived bump in search engine ranking. The best idea is on-going SEO-maintenance that allows us to create a short-term and long-term SEO strategy for your business. It’s important to remember that SEO for every website is a little different depending on the websites goals and on far along their current SEO program is. we provide metrics and results with reporting and your email inbox filling and phone ringing! Your Success is our Success!