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Digital security should be the utmost priority of any business, we offer several antivirus solutions to secure your business and keep it that way.

antivirus solutions

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for Business

Malwarebytes is rapidly becoming our go-to antivirus solution here at Turbo Technicians and the results speak for themselves. Malwarebytes has been a household name for some time now due to its effectiveness in removing viral and malware infections. Recently, the company has evolved their product line expanding into full-fledged antivirus solutions that protect the machine proactively, while maintaining a low impact on system resources. This lightweight footprint is key to what sets Malwarebytes Anti-Malware apart from its competition as many antivirus solutions (even in the corporate environment) have a rather notable effect on system performance.

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antivirus solutions

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit for Business

Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit is Malwarebytes’ newest piece of software and it is the antivirus solution many in the IT industry have been clamoring for. The genius behind Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit starts with its light demand on the PC running the software. The engineers have gotten the demands to such a point that the average, home-level PC from the year 2001 would be entirely capable of running the antivirus solution without any noticeable change. The second innovation in this piece of software is how it actually does its job; most antivirus solutions rely on daily updates called “definitions” in order to be informed of new viral attacks, Anti-Exploit does not. Most antivirus solutions are dependent upon what is called a “sand box” or a virtual testing environment, to essentially run programs before the user to determine if the file is infected; Anti-Exploit does not. What this all spells out for the end user is performance, from the oldest to the most current of systems, saving money in costly replacements.

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