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A Basic Introduction to Crypto Currency

By | November 20th, 2017|Crypto Currency|

A Basic Introduction to Crypto Currency   How does a traditional banking system work? The traditional banking system works on Fiat money such as the U.S. Dollar. The Dollar is a reserve currency, that can be printed at will when needed and has to supply cap. A few problems with the traditional banking system is [...]

Equifax breach and security basics in a digital world

By | November 20th, 2017|Security|

Equifax breach and security basics in a digital world Quick Facts: Breach was discovered on July 29th 2017 The breach method was via Apache (a web server application) using a vulnerability known as Apache Struts CVE-2017-5638 This was considered a critical vulnerability and should have been patched within 72 hours or 1 week maximum. 150 [...]

Understanding Managed Technology Services

By | August 2nd, 2016|Managed IT Services|

Understanding Managed Technology Services The buzzword(s) that many business owners are hearing these days in the Technology space are "Managed Services", "Managed IT Services", "Managed Technology Services" but what are Managed Technology Services? We are going to cover several aspects of Managed Technology Services to help you better understand what Technology Companies out there [...]

Social Media & your websites SEO

By | February 2nd, 2016|Web Design and SEO|

Social Media: Why it's important for your website's SEO Social media is everywhere; your friends, relatives, and favorite celebrities are using social media so it’s no wonder many small businesses have chosen to do the same. Social media is cheap and highly accessible to even the most inexperienced of users, opening the floodgates for small [...]

Googles Panda – Web Marketing SEO

By | February 2nd, 2016|Web Design and SEO|

Web Marketing: Understanding Googles Panda Googles Panda: In today’s business environment, digital marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways of advertising for your business and conveying its message to a wide variety of potential customers. One of the key factors to having a successful website is ensuring its visibility via a process [...]

Windows 10: Should You Upgrade?

By | February 2nd, 2016|Operating Systems|

Windows 10: Should You Upgrade? As many current Windows  users have noticed through recent Windows updates, July 29th marked the launch of Microsoft’s latest installment in the Windows operating system; Windows 10. Microsoft is, unsurprisingly, very excited about this latest product launch and they have made their position on upgrading to Windows 10 loud and [...]

Ransom Viruses Disguised as Windows 10 Update

By | February 1st, 2016|Randsomeware, Viruses|

Ransom Viruses made to look like legitimate applications! Ransomware viruses (also known as ransomware) is one of the fastest growing classes of malicious software. A few years ago they were simply just screen blockers such as the FBI virus fast forward to today and we have ransom viruses like Cryptolocker, Cryptodefense and Cryptowall.   What’s changed [...]

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) Security Concerns

By | January 31st, 2016|Networking, Routers, Wireless|

WiFi Protected Setup WPS ‘Pixie Dust’ WPS is an acronym standing for WiFi Protected Setup, and in short it allows for a user to connect a device to their wireless network without the need for a complicated passphrase such as the often complex WPA2 passphrases that have come to prominence today. It is common knowledge [...]

Cryptowall Discussion & Prevention

By | January 31st, 2016|Randsomeware, Viruses|

CryptoWall One of the most problematic viral infections we here at Turbo Technicians have dealt with lately is the CryptoWall Ransom Virus. CryptoWall is what is referred to as a ransomware virus, ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to the computer system that it infects, and demands a ransom paid to the [...]