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Turbo Technicians network cable and wiring provides structured wiring for businesses.

What is structured Network Cable and wiring?

Structured wiring is a generic term in the industry to describe a way to efficiently and effective install wiring so you end up with a clean, concise and most importantly easy to work with in the future look. This means no giant mess of cables in-fact it’s quite the opposite the pictures above are a great example of structured wiring. Some other examples of structured wiring is a whole business audio or video system where the same music or video can play on multiple TV’s or speakers throughout your office building. In addition to network cable and wiring we also provide wiring for HDMI, Display Port, Coax and Multi-Room Speaker Systems.

Why Are We The Best?

We use CAT5e, CAT6 and CAT6a wiring with A or B standards depending on your existing wiring setup. We use high quality tested and proven cables. We have the skills and tools to shorten the amount of time a wiring job will take while never sacrificing the finished product.

Get it done right the first time so you are happy and we don’t have to come back. That’s why we test each and every cable, wall port and networking device to confirm everything is working. Not only do we test our cables and wall ports with a cable tester but we also make sure your devices have a stable communication connection across your network before we leave.
  • Experienced
  • Professional
  • We have the Knowledge and Tools
  • We Test everything before we leave
  • Our jobs get done right the first time

Let Turbo Technicians do it…this isn’t a DIY job!

network cable and wiring

Wiring often requires a small team of 2 – 3 professionals

network cable and wiring

When our jobs are complete and tested all that’s left is to plugin!

network cable and wiring